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No longer the exclusive territory of boy racers, customising helps you perfect your vehicle, turning it into the car of your dreams, (and saving you the hassle and expense of finding a new model).

Our technicians are keen to help you enhance your drive and are happy to offer free advice on the best ways to do so.

From simple tasks like fitting Alloy wheels, to more complicated cosmetic or mechanical operations such as increasing your horse-power, you'll be delighted by what our talent can do to your car.


EBC high performance brake packages now available. packages and prices to suit standard and high performance cars. Contact us for further details, supply or fitted.


Miltek sprts exhausts, for looks, noise or performance, you choose. Contact us for futher details and a quote.


Forge motorsport upgrade components now available, actuators, intercoolers, silicone hose kits. Contact us for further details.

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