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Normally, a good indication that your car’s electrical systems are starting to malfunction comes when the dash starts lighting up like a Christmas tree.

Time, then, to bring it in to Fast Fit, where we offer the sorts of tests and diagnostics that even the dealerships struggle to match.

That’s because we have an extensive set of dealer-level equipment that covers most makes of vehicle.

In fact, we’ll go so far as saying we firmly believe that no other premises of its type in the region has such a wide range of diagnostics at its disposal.

So which electrical systems might we be looking at? There’s lighting, starting and charging, brakes (e.g. ABS anti-lock braking systems, which contain sensors that can fail), air bag systems, power steering, not to mention engine management and emissions.

Increasingly, cars have an ECU (engine control unit) that serves as the ‘brain’, and it can compensate should, for example, engine components start to wear or an electrical component fail, by changing the fuel needed to maintain the correct air/fuel mix.

‘Great,’ we hear you say. Well, not really because performance and fuel economy will be lost – it’s not good for the environment or your wallet.

And unlike, say, a blown exhaust, it could be the sort of problem you don’t even realise exists for months, years even.

However, we can carry out a full diagnostic test, detect precise faults and carry out repairs.

An engine diagnostic test costs £59.95 and this normally takes around 45 minutes.

After that, the rate is £59.95 per hour, although we would never proceed with repairs without your prior approval.

The only way to verify the performance and correct fuelling of your car is via a rolling road diagnostic session, which costs £99.95.

Not necessarily cheap, then, but who knows how much money you might be losing in the long run if a faulty component means your car’s fuel economy is higher than it should be?

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