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Welcome to FastFit Leeds, your "one stop" car repair workshop

A high-quality, speedy service at a low price, located conveniently in central Leeds – that’s the bottom line when you choose Fast Fit Auto Centre.

Our name says it all: an MOT with us takes one hour on average, while a diagnostic check is usually even quicker.

Both services are part of the broad range we offer, across a wide range of makes and models.

For example, alongside the more usual exhaust and tyre fitting, or maybe a full service, there are specialist offerings such as an air conditioning service and performance tuning and remapping.

Air Conditioning

Yes, we know: it’s hard to believe sometimes that there really is a point to having air con in this country.

Australia – of course; the USA – they invented it; but the UK…?

Of course, all this assumes two things: that air conditioning only serves the purpose of keeping people cool, and that it’s cold and wet in the UK all the time.

But while arguing against the latter assumption might feel like hard work at times, most of us know that air con doesn’t just come into its own when it’s time to dig out the shorts and sandals.

For example, it helps de-mist windows much quicker on those wet, cold early mornings in February and also acts as a dehumidifier to remove moisture from inside your vehicle.

It also helps keep gas and oil circulating in the car’s system, thus preventing premature failure of critical components.

Moreover, it’s actually more economical than driving with the windows down – and more comfortable too.

Here at Fast Fit we offer a full service including a re-gas, cabin filter clean and debug of the evaporator.

Although a re-gas (which starts at £44.95) is the most common form of air con service, the latter two are very important as well.

Since the cabin filter traps particles, it will eventually block, causing restricted air flow and, perhaps, an eventual failure of the heater blower motor and resistor.

Meanwhile, because the evaporator gets wet with moisture, it will inevitably collect bacteria.

Servicing all three will keep your car’s air con ticking over nicely and so enhance your motoring experience.

And all for a competitive price: we can save you money, for example, thanks to our staff having trained in the Vulkan Lokring method.

The Vulkan What method, you might ask? In short, it means they can repair damaged air con pipes and hoses rather than replace them with potentially expensive brand new versions

A fast, quality service

And while we might be fast, it doesn’t come at the expense of attention to detail.

Our staff are qualified, reliable and friendly: you’re more than welcome to chat while we work on your car, and we’re more than happy to offer advice.

We’re also experienced: four decades and counting suggests as much. We like to think we’re doing something right.

Such high levels of customer service extend throughout your experience with us: we offer free quotes and advice, as well as free checks, for example, of your car’s exhaust, tyres, wheel alignment, brakes, steering and suspension.

Trustworthy & affordable

And on the subject of expense, it should be pointed out that we offer low prices throughout our range of services.

Finally, there’s the convenience. Located on the left-hand side of the A58 Wellington Road, just prior to the Armley Gyratory, we’re only 10 minutes away from Leeds city centre, so why not pop into town while we service your car?

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